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Louvered Roofs

Enjoy your outdoor living space in sun and rain. Adjust your patio cover as often as the weather changes at the push of a button with a roof that opens AND closes. Opens louvers to the point where 95% of natural light comes through and closes to the point where virtually 99% of the rain does not. Never worry about being able to use your BBQ or entertain outdoors. Protect your patio furniture from the elements while enjoying the sun when you desire.

Introducing AMERICAN LOUVERED ROOFS of Western Washington. Our patio covers are 100% extruded aluminum and powder coated. They are designed to last, without rusting or needing to be painted. Engineered to withstand 125 mph winds and 3 ft. of snow, you will never need to replace this patio cover. LIFETIME WARRANTY on parts and labor. Made in the USA.

American Louvered Roof Systems are the MOST VERSATILE patio covers available. They are easy to clean and maintain. Using a remote control, OPEN it when it's sunny or CLOSE it when it's rainy. Add on radiant heaters, ceiling fans, ambient light, curtains, remote control shades, light switches and outlets. Options to personalize your patio cover are endless. Solar panels and WIND/RAIN sensors are also available.

Our parent company has been in business since 1946. Our crew builds louvered patio covers daily from Olympia to Bellingham. Custom built, we build your roof to the size which best suits your needs. Please let us know how we can best serve you. We would love to hear any ideas on how you would like to enhance your outdoor experience. Contact us for an estimate or any questions regarding ALL types of aluminum PATIO COVERS available at any PRICE range.

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Our roofs are highly modular and can be made to fit almost any space or setup.

Solar Screens/Shades

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Perfect for shading the sun when it is low in the sky, our solar screens are available in manual and electric configurations. Several screen colors are available as well. Combine our louvered roof and screens and you have great control over your outdoor space. 

Other Patio Coverings

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Interested in something else? We offer a wide range of fixed coverings. If a louvered roof is not right for you we can help you find the solution. Pictured above is an insulated roof. This system consists of insulating foam sandwiched between aluminum sheets. This keeps the rain out and is very quiet.

Below is a Lexan which consists of polycarbonate light panels and aluminum joists.  It allows light in and can be clear, frosted, or tinted.  The last is a V-Pan with light panels.  The light panes are optional, but also allow light in.  All of these are waterproof.



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We Also Offer Solara Products






Solara’s smart patio cover system allows you to control the amount of sunlight or shade you want. The system can also be used for the garden, or as a gazebo for a hot tub or spa. This way you can enjoy the combination of the magnificent design, with the convenience of an adjustable cover.

Solara is a manufacturer of a unique patio cover. Patio covers are exposed to different weather conditions, such as direct sunlight, rain, and humidity.

Because Solara patio covers are made entirely out of aluminum, including the support systems, they are superior to wood, iron, steel, and metal covers. They will never rust, are not susceptible to termites, plus you will never have to paint them. Occasional cleaning with soapy water is all that is needed.

Another advantage that Solara offers on other products is the option to control the patio cover roof. When it’s raining, you can close it, keeping your outdoor patio furniture, spa or hot tub covered. When a warm winter sun comes out, you can open the top louvers using a remote control and let in up to 98% direct sunlight, exactly where you want it to reach. And, of course, when the summer sun is too strong, you can choose to let in as little light as you would like through the louvers, up to 100% shade while maintaining maximal ventilation. You can order a 3D layout of your patio cover of choice and you can also order a custom made patio cover, meeting your specific requirements with no obligations.